Tastes Better Than Yours (TBTY) Stew is a delicious blend of tomatoes, peppers, onions and  various seasonings. The purée is cooked to perfection and can be enjoyed with many dishes including rice, couscous, pasta, plantains, beans, potatoes and many more.
Stew, as it’s generally called, is traditionally of West African origin and is loved by so many. Everyone makes stew a little differently and everyone believes their stew, or their mother’s version, is the best. We dare to say that TBTY has harmonized the many aspects of stew preparation for creation of our delicious blend.  
Our product is prepared with absolute love and patience. TBTY Stew offers the satisfying taste of a home-cooked meal without the labour..what more can one ask for?
Click below to see some of our favorite dishes served with TBTY Stew, then pick up a bottle and follow us to share your meal ideas using the hash tag #JustAddTBTYStew.